Nonprofits Can Still Grow Despite the Economic Climate

It’s no secret that the economy has hurt businesses in areas all over the world.  With so much bad news around, it might be hard to see how your nonprofit or charity can find its way through these tough times.  Fortunately, the web marketing firm Protea Digital is reporting growth in their small to medium business (SMB) clients.  So what seems to be the light at the end of their tunnel and how can your organization ride that train to the same success?

The Secrets of Their Success

Protea Digital reports that its clients have consistently seen growth in one area–the internet.  One of their clients has even seen as much as a 33 percent increase in business leading to their best month ever for sales.

What is driving their success specifically? A Protea Digital describes it like this, “In addition to the upward trend in web marketing, smaller firms are becoming more competitive with larger firms. SMBs are taking advantage of easy-to-use software tools, engaging with customers on social media channels and tracking success with analytics.”

Protea CEO Steven Kent also noted that, “In the past, social media has struggled to show a return on investment. However, many of our clients can trace up to twenty percent of their revenue to Facebook and social media channels.”

The Keys to Emulating Their Success

With the economic climate barely showing any signs of recovery, it seems that nonprofit organizations will continue to find it difficult to meet their own financial obligations while working towards fulfilling their missions. Any opportunity for free or low-cost exposure can tip the scales towards success.

The first key to success is participating. The good news is that these online marketing mediums are F-R-E-E!  Engaging with supporters on social networks like Facebook and Twitter won’t cost any extra.

The best way to take advantage of the viral nature of these networks is to provide your audience with valuable content to share.  It’s easy to create a report or resource that others will find useful and want to give to others.  It can be as simple as an informative Word document that you type up during the weekend.

Once you have people interacting with you on these networks, take the time to engage them in a conversation.  Talk to them, answer their questions, ask them your own questions, and build relationships. On the internet there is no better way to build awareness for your cause.

The second key to emulating the success of other SMBs requires  doing it with confidence!  These solutions are free only if you can use them without paying someone to do it for you.  That might mean you need to take a few days or even a couple of weeks to familiarize yourself with the basics and best practices of each social media network.

Don’t worry!  They are not hard to master.  Don’t fear the unknown.  There are many resources available to learn the basics of using Facebook and Twitter.  Other networks you may be able to tap into include LinkedIn and YouTube as well.  Nobody was born with the ability to benefit from these networks.  Invest a little of your time, and you’ll could find many untapped resources to build your organization without spending a penny.  Don’t worry about “doing it right.”  I assure you, there is no single “correct way.”

The Final Takeaway

If SMBs can experience new-found success during an economic decline, so can your nonprofit.  All it takes is a little confidence and taking advantage of the free tools.  If you find yourself short on ideas, take a look at these presentations for inspiration. Here, courtesy of Chad Norman, you can find 100 tips to increase the success your nonprofit sees from social media efforts.

Social media won’t bring success over night, but it will bring success.  Make it a priority and you can definitely recession-proof your nonprofit.

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